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  • Welcome and a big hello from everyone at St Wilfrid's in Wilford.
    Our website tells you a little bit about us and hopefully gives you some news about what the members of our church family are doing, both within the church itself and within our local community.  You can use the subscribe button lower down to sign up for our weekly round up of news. Our service times are usually 8:00 and 10:30 every Sunday, but you can find info about others events and activites throughout this website. If you don't know us, or haven't been before you should know that you are most welcome and  then it would be great to see you at a service or at one of our of our events. Our church is your church.
    If you can't find the information you need, then please don't hesitate to contact us directly.    
    Revd Phil Marsh


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    Introducing our Mental health team

    Last Sunday we introduced  our mental health team, led by Debbie Ballantine and Wendy Brown who are our Mental Health awareness Guides. This team has been exploring the issues of mental health and how we as a church can engage with them and become a ‘mental health friendly church’. Each of them has really responded to a sense of call as God has laid this area of church lives on their heart’s and we honoured them for so obediently stepping into the call God has placed upon each of them and prayed for them as they officially take up these roles within the life of our congregation. Do continue to pray for them and chat with Debbie or Wendy if you would like to know more. (The whole team aren’t in the picture, so we’ll try and get another snap of them all together!)

    Pilgrim Poor in Spirit, rich in Blessing
    Thursday evenings we have a Pilgrim group that meets in the church hall, exploring faith together and sharing life. It's a great way of thinking about and exploring christian faith, in a really open environment of folk travelling together sharing ideas and listening to one another. To find out more click on the picture to the left. If you want to join us on a Thursday evening in the church hall 7:30, just feel free to turn up and join in. All are welcome.

    Current sermon series

    Our vocation statement as a church is 'Sharing Life, with jesus Christ, with one another, and with our communities', and our focus for this year is deepening relationships. In a three week mini series Phil has begun to explore and teach on the importance of deepening our relationships with one another and how we might go about it. To catch up on the series so far either click on the tabs above, or on the banner below.

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